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Fife Sidney

I am a robot, roboting around.

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Franco Cuevas

"Things come to those who wait but only the things left behind by those who hustle." Dominicano!! en mi sangre 4ever... Amo a mi gente y el pais de mis padres!!!!

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Gabriel Murillo

Mi Blog:

Twitter: @gabrielmurillo

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Gabriel Reyes

President, Reyes Entertainment

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Genevieve Varela

Twitter: @genevievevarela LinkedIn: in/genevievejenkins Blog: genevieve.tumblr.com

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Gina Rodriguez, MBA

Gina Rodriguez is the national Latino Affairs Liaison within the Department Health and Human Services Office of the Secretary’s Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs (IEA). She serves as the liaison across Federal agencies and external organizations and works in collaboration with the White House Office of Public Engagement on issues impacting the Latino community. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the HHS Latino outreach strategy and action plan and works collaboratively on the implementation of the Departmental communications plan as it relates to Spanish-language... Read more

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Giselle Chruszcz

"Live, Learn, and Love" <3

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avatar for Gretchen Fournier

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Gustavo Razzetti

Agency leader/ Communication Strategist with 22+ years of experience in integrated marketing communications both in U.S. Hispanic and Latin America.

Strategist by conviction, Digital Pioneer by choice, Leader by evolution; playing a key strategic role in the development and growth of Global, regional and domestic blue chip brands in almost every category.

Strategic Planning, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Multicultural Marketing, US Hispanic, Latin American, Agency Management

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Heather Lopez

Heather Lopez, aka The Social Commerce Mom, is a 30-something, married mom of two (Isabella,age 6, and Joaquin, age 4). An avid blogger and mom entrepreneur, Heather also serves on the board of AYUDA, a nonprofit dedicated to assisting families in becoming financially independent. She officially began her blogging career in 2009 with Happy and Healthy Mom (though she had really been blogging since 1997). In 2010, she co-founded the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference & Expo and the Bloggin’ Mamas Cruise Conference. In 2011 and 2012, she was named a Leading Mom in Business by Startup Nation. She... Read more

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Hector Castillo Zuniga

Digital Media Manager for ZGS Communications, a Hispanic-owned multi-media company. The company operates holaciudad.com, 18 stations: 15 television stations and 3 radio stations.

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Helena Osorio

In 15 years of experience as a Broadcast Producer Elena has learned that organization, reliability and passion are key for a successful career. 
Multitasking, good humor, being personable and resourceful also help. 
Having worked and lived in Latin America, Africa and the US gives her a broad understanding of different cultures.
At this point in Helena's career she looks forward to challenges that will advance her career as a Broadcast Producer and will continue to further her efforts as a Creative Writer and Content Creator. 
In Social Media and Blogging she has found a place to make her love for writing, production and people mix perfectly... Read more

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Hugo Perez

For more than twenty years, Hugo Pérez has dedicated himself to telling stories that are engaging and memorable. As the Global Head of Content at Zeno, he brings this expertise as a creative ideator & strategist to the development of groundbreaking programs that lead to sustained engagement, authentic connections and increased recommendations.  The common thread to his story weaves across significant leadership roles at agencies and firms of all types, fueled by wide-ranging global experiences. This journey has shaped a unique point of view that has enabled Hugo to build a role as a respected... Read more

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Irma Sanchez

I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it. Maya Angelou

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Jack Hernandez

Web Entrepreneur, Film Director, creative++ and Music Songwriter ..among the many other things

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Jackie Guzman

Vice President of Client Services at Tilson PR

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Jean Manuel Jimenez

Write something about yourself here....Pa que? pa que se lo digas a to el mundo?? el FB es un jablador!!! TO LO DICE! jejjjejeje

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Jeannette Kaplun

An award-winning bilingual journalist and TV host featured on The Chew, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, Despierta América, and other shows, Jeannette  Kaplun is recognized as a lifestyle expert, parenting writer and conference speaker.

Born in Texas and raised in Chile, Jeannette launched in 2012 her lifestyle blog Hispana Global in English and Spanish, which offers advice on parenting, beauty, travel, technology and health to inspire modern women to be the best versions of themselves. Previously she co-founded Todobebé in 1999, and for 13 years served as Chief Content Officer

... Read more

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Jeannette Quinones

Jeanette is a well-known blogger of Comidas, she transforms any dish into a deliciousness through her style and her unique "Sazon Boricua" . She began her blog in 2008 and since then has pleased millions with her recipes.
Top Latina blogger with valuable online presence and a passion for food. Award-winning Food-Blogger for two consecutive years by LATISM.
Her blog is where great photography, recipes and culture combine in one renowned food blog. With a total audience of more than 690,356 unique visit monthly and 1,159,672 pageviews.

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Jennifer Hutcheson

http://mami2mommy.com http://blogtalkradio.com/chicaschatting

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JennyLee Molina

JLPR, Public Relations Firm For The Women's Success Summit.

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JF. Sanchez

Soy un padre de familia que comparto mi vida con mis hijos a través de las redes sociales gozando de las ocurrencias de mis chiquillos por que son mi inspiración y lo mas importante en mi vida. Nuestra misión es estimular el entretenimiento y diversión entre hijos y padres a través de actividades que promuevan la imaginación y el aprendizaje. Llevamos información a través del web sobre actividades que se pueden realizar con niños y cómo la diversión está al alcance de todos a través de la exploración de la naturaleza y la imaginación. Utilizamos el vídeo y la fotografía como medio...

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Johanna Torres

Founding Editor-in-Chief MamásLatinas.com, Chief Content Editor MiBlogazine.com, Multi-Media Lifestyle Expert and Brand Ambassador

Johanna Torres is an experienced multi-media Editor, journalist and producer with over 21 years in the U.S. Hispanic media market. Her commitment to empowering the Hispanic woman and her deep understanding of this audience is evident by the high quality of the work that she has produced over the years. In fact, in 2011, she helped launch CafeMom’s bilingual website MamásLatinas, the leading online destination for Latinas in the US with 1.5 million unique US visitors, and has been proudly serving as its Founding Editor-in-Chief of a first class editorial team based in NYC. Not only has Johanna

... Read more

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Jorge "Urban Jibaro" Torres

@UrbanJibaro on Twitter and Founder of SofritoforYour Soul.com
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