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Civic Advocacy: How to Mobilize Latinos to Rally Around Grassroots Civic Causes and Issues (Sponsored by Plus Three)
    Wednesday April 11, 2012 3:15pm - 4:15pm @ Junior Ballroom B & C (5th Floor) (J.W. Marriott Marquis Miami)

    SESSION HASHTAGS:  #Hispz12  #civic



    Juan Proano, Co-Founder, Plus Three


    Midy Aponte, Interim ED of the American Latino Heritage Fund

    Maria Machuca, Communications Director at United Farm Workers of America, United Farmworkers


    As the Hispanic population continues to become a larger force in U.S. American society it becomes increasingly important for Latinos to integrate and embrace traditional values and habits about civic responsibility and awareness.  Increasingly Latinos are being mobilized to become civically engaged in issues and grassroots causes and initiatives that have nothing to do with politics or voter registration.

    In this session you will learn how three organizations take their civic-related tactics to the grassroots level to meaningfully engage Latinos about their causes and to ultimately make them care about promoting good causes and habits that can help build a better American society.

    In this session you will learn:

    • How marketing civic causes differs from creating political-related campaigns
    • How marketing civic causes and issues to Latinos differs from other mainstream audiences
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of engaging Latinos for civic causes
    • How language preferences impact civic related topics and issues being marketed
    • Examples of recent civic-related programs that took off among Latino audiences


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