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Yo Decido: How Latino media will cover the 2012 elections (Sponsored by VOXXI)
    Friday April 13, 2012 11:00am - 12:15pm @ Plaza 4 & 5 (5th Floor) (J.W. Marriott Marquis Miami)

    SESSION HASHTAGS:  #Hispz12  #Dcdo


    • Rudy Fernandez, Vice President of Government & Community Relations, University of Miami, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush in the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Transportation


    • Elaine del Valle, Founder of Political Cortadito, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and former Miami Herald staff writer
    • Ruben Navarette, Syndicated Columnist, CNN.COM Contributor, Voxxi.com contributor, USA Today Board of Contributors, NPR Commentator
    • Emilio Sanchez, President and CEO, Voxxi.com, former US Hispanic Managing Editor at EFE News Agency 


    Latinos are projected to make up nearly 10 percent of the electorate in November, a 26 percent increase over the 2008 figure. Time’s February cover ‘Yo. Decido. Why Latinos will pick the next President’ discussed how Latinos have grown significantly in many parts of the country and this may determine our President in the 2012 elections. Time's cover is historic it is not unprecedented. 

    This session will provide an overview of what the real issues are for this election year and how they will be covered by the Latino media. Latinos are not a homogenous group and candidates need to engage on the issues including – jobs, education, healthcare, and the economy, among others – same issues that are important to all voters.

    In this session you will learn:

    • What are the real issues at stake for our community and which are not?
    • With GOP approval rating low among Hispanics, explore the Republican party’s platform surrounding immigration, Dream Act, and other topics and what will it take to grow the party through Hispanic inclusion.
    • Will Latinos support Obama despite his record on deportation and the broken promises?
    • In the states that really matter with respect to the electoral vote, and how much influence do Latinos have.  The county with the largest Latino population is Los Angeles, CA, followed by Harris, TX, and third is Miami-Dade, FL. 
    • Anti-immigration legislation in Arizona, Alabama and Georgia


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