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Farah Mesa

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"TRUTH IS, EVERYBODY IS GOING TO HURT YOU, YOU JUST GOTTA FIND THE ONES WORTH SUFFERING FOR" BOB MARLEY I am just a free spirited gypsy that loves to live life to the fullest. Spontaneous, wild and honest I tend to make friends quick and enemies quicker. Usually prefer having males around than females cause though I am very dramatic, I cannot stand so much female drama. I enjoy simple things: watching the sun at dawn paint nature, my morning "mate", listening to some great music, daydreaming, catching intense stares from two people who feel passion from each other, small antique things such as teacups and many many more. Rebel at heart, with a passion for Art, photography,and fashion. I consider myself a faithful, loyal and loving friend, but only a few ever reach being on that category.


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