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Samantha Sophia

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Corporate Chic. Freelance Writer. Photographer.Speaker. Social Media Addict. Bookworm. Wanderer.

Personally, I’m a hipster mom and chill wife (to my very own Mr. Darcy). When I’m not spending 50 hours a week in the office, I volunteer with Black Girls Code, Bankers Without Borders, speak publicly to anyone who will listen, and read about 100 books a year (Samantha Sophia on Goodreads_.

Passionately, I love photography and visual storytelling. I run a successful natural hair and living blog: Sisterlocked.com. I’m also known for making my own skincare products and traditional organic and natural dishes from scratch. I also run a candid blog about parenting, relationships, and work-life-balance called RaisingSelf.

Professionally, I’ve done everything from originating and managing multi-million dollar commercial loans to data analytics, and even leading a failed internet start-up. Currently, I’m a VP working within automotive sales strategy and analytics at fortune 500 company in sunny Southern California.


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